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Alexandra Sorgenicht has written a practical, comprehensive, and eminently accessible guide to understanding and developing intuition. With a clear, conversational style and relatable real-life examples, she places the ability firmly in normal human experience. Of particular note is her exploration of varying aspects of intuitive living (sovereignty, communication, love, trust, etc.). Her book is a valuable contribution to literature on the topic and could be improved only by an English language edition!


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Kinder- u. Jugendl. Psychotherapeut, Familientherapeut (DGFS,SG), Supervisor (DGSF) und Coach (DGSF,DGFC) sowie lehrender Coach (DGFC, DGFS), akkreditiert als Supervisor an der Psychotherapeutenkammer NRW

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mit Alexandra Sorgenicht

INTUITION – Wie du die Stimme deiner Seele stärkst und für ein freies und selbstbestimmtes Leben nutzt

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